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Introduction to AWS Spot Instance Advisor

When it comes to computing resources on AWS, there are three primary types of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances: On-Demand Instances, Reserved Instances (RIs), and Spot Instances. Each of these instances serves different purposes and fits various budget needs, offering unique advantages.

EC2 On-Demand Instances are the most straightforward option, but they come with the highest cost. You pay by the hour or second without any long-term commitments, making them a flexible yet pricey choice. On the other hand, Reserved Instances provide substantial cost savings of up to 72% off the regular price if you commit to using them for a year or more. This makes them ideal for predictable, long-term workloads. The biggest savings opportunity comes with Spot Instances, which can reduce costs by as much as 90% over On-Demand pricing.

However, these savings come with a catch: Spot Instances are subject to price and availability fluctuations, which can interrupt your workload. This is where the AWS Spot Instance Advisor comes into play, providing critical insights to help you navigate the intricacies of Spot Instances and minimize the risk of interruptions.

What is an AWS Spot Instance?

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An AWS Spot Instance is a type of Amazon EC2 instance that lets you use spare cloud computing capacity at a much lower cost than On-Demand instances. You can save up to 90% compared to the standard On-Demand rates. The price for Spot Instances fluctuates based on supply and demand, and you bid for the amount you’re willing to pay per hour. If your bid meets or exceeds the current Spot price, you get the instance at that price.

While this can lead to substantial savings Spot Instances can be terminated by AWS at any time when the capacity is needed for On-Demand customers. This means your application needs to be able to handle interruptions, either by being fault-tolerant or through a quick recovery mechanism.

What is AWS Spot Instance Advisor?

AWS Spot Instance Advisor is a tool designed to help you make the most out of Spot Instances. The Spot Instance Advisor helps you find the most reliable pools of Spot Instances with the least chance of interruption, showing you how much you can save compared to On-Demand rates. When choosing a Spot Instance, it’s crucial to balance your application’s tolerance for downtime with your cost-saving goals. The lower the risk of interruption, the longer your Spot Instances are likely to run, which helps you achieve both reliable performance and significant savings. By using Spot Instance Advisor, you can make informed decisions that optimize your cloud costs without compromising on service stability.

Benefits of Using AWS Spot Instance Advisor

The main advantage of using the AWS Spot Instance Advisor is that it helps you reduce the risks associated with Spot Instances while maximizing cost savings. It guides you to select the most efficient Spot Instances for your workloads, ensuring optimal resource use without unnecessary expenses. The primary

  • Efficient Use of Resources: Selecting the appropriate Spot Instances ensures that your workloads operate smoothly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary costs. This means you can maximize performance while keeping expenses under control.
  • Better Decision-Making: With comprehensive historical data and information on interruption rates, you can make more informed choices that improve your cloud strategy’s effectiveness. This leads to better planning and optimization of your cloud resources.
  • Improved Cost Management: The cost-saving insights provided by the Spot Instance Advisor help you manage your cloud expenses more effectively, enabling a more strategic allocation of resources. This allows you to better forecast and control your cloud spending over time.

How Does a Spot Instance Advisor Work?

The AWS Spot Instance Advisor is your go-to tool for getting the most out of Spot Instances. It offers valuable insights into how often different instances might get interrupted and how much you can save, making it easier to choose the right options for your needs. Generally, the lower the interruption rate, the more reliable your Spot Instances will be, which helps you balance performance and cost effectively.

The Spot Instance advisor gives you clear insights into the interruption rates of different Spot Instances, typically less than 5%, and shows you the potential savings compared to On-Demand pricing over the last month. This information helps you make informed decisions that keep your application running smoothly while saving money.

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To increase your application’s availability, it’s a good idea to spread it across various instance types. The Spot Instance Advisor provides the data you need to do this effectively, and EC2 Autoscaling can help automate the process, ensuring your workloads are distributed efficiently.

Best Practices to Follow while Using AWS Spot Instances

Here are some best practices to help you make the most of AWS Spot Instances while maintaining the performance and reliability of your applications:

  • Use for Flexible Workloads: Spot Instances are ideal for workloads that can tolerate interruptions, such as batch processing, data analysis, and stateless applications. These types of tasks are not time-sensitive and can easily resume from where they left off, minimizing the impact of interruptions.
  • Diversify Instance Types: Spread your application across multiple instance types and regions to reduce the risk of all your instances being interrupted simultaneously. By doing so, you enhance your application’s resilience and ensure continued availability even if one instance type or region experiences a disruption.
  • Automate Recovery: Implement automation to handle Spot Instance interruptions, such as using AWS Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing to automatically replace interrupted instances. This ensures that your applications can quickly recover and maintain performance without manual intervention.
  • Monitor Performance: Use AWS CloudWatch to monitor the performance and availability of your Spot Instances, and set up alerts to notify you of any issues. Regular monitoring helps you quickly identify and address any performance bottlenecks or disruptions.
  • Plan for Interruptions: Design your applications to be fault-tolerant and capable of recovering quickly from interruptions. This may involve using multiple Spot Instances and regions, and ensuring that your data is replicated and backed up.


AWS Spot Instance Advisor is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to optimize their use of Spot Instances and achieve significant cost savings on their AWS bill. By providing detailed insights into pricing trends and interruption frequencies, it helps you make informed decisions and manage the complexities of Spot Instances effectively. By following best practices and leveraging the insights provided by the Spot Instance advisor, you can ensure that your applications remain robust and cost-efficient.

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