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How can free AWS credits help startups?

AWS Credits are a form of financial assistance provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to startups and small businesses. These credits can be used for purchasing AWS services, including cloud computing, storage, databases, analytics, application management, and more. AWS Credits are designed to help startups get the most out of their technology investments by providing them with access to the same powerful tools that larger companies use.

With AWS Credits, startups can quickly launch their products and services in the cloud without having to worry about upfront costs or long-term commitments. Additionally, these credits can help startups save on operational costs while also allowing them to scale their business resources as needed.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways that startups can obtain free AWS credits and how they can use these credits to optimize their costs. By taking advantage of these credits, startups can focus on developing their business without worrying about the expenses of using AWS.

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How to Get Free AWS Credits for Startups

Startups have access to a number of alternatives and programs within AWS Activate to get free AWS credits. Although each of these programs has its unique eligibility criteria and application procedure, they all present an excellent chance for entrepreneurs to receive complimentary credits and lower their expenditures.

AWS Activate for Startups

Amazon offers the AWS Activate program as a resource for businesses wishing to use the platform and its range of services. The initiative is intended to give startups the resources, tools, and assistance they require to develop, test, and expand their operations on AWS.

The AWS Activate program offers two tiers of support, depending on the stage of the startup. The Portfolio tier is for startups that are in the idea or early development stage and provides access to AWS credits, training, and other resources. The Growth tier is for startups that are further along in their development and provides more substantial AWS credits and support.

How to apply for AWS Activate:

The program’s application procedure is simple and open to all businesses.

  • Create an AWS account: The startup must first create an AWS account before applying to the AWS Activate initiative. You may accomplish this by going to the AWS website and following the instructions.
  • Complete the application: The application form may be accessed on the AWS Activate website once the firm has registered an AWS account. Basic information about the startup and its company will be requested on the form.
  • Meet the eligibility requirements: Startups must meet specific standards in order to be eligible for the program, including having less than $5 million in annual sales and being in operation for under five years.
  • Present paperwork: As part of the application process, startups will also need to provide certain documentation, such as a company license or incorporation documents.
  • Check your usage: Startups may manage their credits, obtain training materials, and check their usage using the interface. They may connect with other startups, AWS Experts, and the AWS Partner Network through the Console as well.

After their application has been accepted, startups can use the AWS Activate Console to apply for more benefits, helpful program that provide more resources, including a dedicated technical account manager who can assist them with their technical queries, more credits, and even equity-free investments.

AWS Activate for Founders

AWS Activate for Founders is a specialized initiative created to simplify the process for found to get the tools they require to start and expand their company. The program offers qualified entrepreneurs a greater number of complimentary AWS credits, training, and assistance.

Participating founders in the AWS Activate for Founders program can also receive training and assistance. This entails having access to online learning materials and receiving specialized technical assistance from AWS professionals. This is especially helpful for new entrepreneurs who are just starting to use AWS as it makes sure they can get the most out of the platform.

Eligibility & Application 

AWS Activate for founders has somewhat different qualifying conditions than Activate for startups. Founders must provide specific supporting paperwork, such as evidence of incorporation and other business-related information, in order to apply for the program. Additionally, entrepreneurs must give a thorough explanation of their company and how they intend to use AWS to aid in both startup and expansion activities.

Once the application process is completed, Amazon will review the application and will approve the ones that meet the requirements. Once accepted, founders will receive their free AWS credits, which can be used to cover the cost of AWS services. They will also have access to training and support resources, and can begin using AWS to support their launch and growth efforts.

Benefits of AWS Activate 

The AWS Activate program offers a variety of resources and benefits for startups, a few of them are listed below:

  • AWS credits: Startups in the AWS Activate program can receive free AWS credits that can be used to cover the cost of various AWS services. The amount of credits varies depending on the tier of the program and the stage of the startup.
  • Technical support: Startups in the AWS Activate program have access to technical support from AWS experts. This includes access to online resources, such as documentation and tutorials, as well as the ability to contact AWS support staff with questions or issues.
  • Training and education: The AWS Activate program provides startups with access to a range of training and education resources, including online courses and webinars, to help them learn how to use AWS effectively.
  • AWS Partners: Startups in the AWS Activate program can take advantage of the AWS Partner Network, which includes a variety of companies that offer products and services that can help startups build and scale their businesses on AWS.
  • Event discounts: Startups in the AWS Activate program can receive discounts on AWS events, such as AWS re:Invent, which is an annual conference for AWS customers and partners.


To sum up, the AWS Activate campaign is a highly beneficial tool for startup companies and entrepreneurs that want to leverage AWS and its suite of services. By implementing the free AWS credits and other resources provided by the initiative, startups and entrepreneurs can lower their expenditures and concentrate on developing and expanding their operations.

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