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Trusted Advisor is an in-house tool from AWS that provides recommendations to optimize your cloud infrastructure based on user analytics, configurations, resource utilization metrics, and AWS best practices.

Trusted Advisor examines your AWS environment and provides recommendations for areas of improvement like Cost Optimization, Performance, Security, Fault tolerance, Service limits, and Operational Excellence. It acts as a great FinOps tool, that helps you manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Why do you need an alternative?

While AWS Trusted Advisor has proven to be a valuable tool in AWS infrastructure optimization, it does have its limitations. To begin with, it is an optimization tool native to AWS. Today, organizations are moving to a multi-cloud environment to extract maximum benefits from different service providers. For small and medium-scale businesses, using a multi-cloud environment proves to be more efficient.

While Trusted Advisor works best on AWS, it is not compatible with other Cloud Platforms. Also, it’s predefined checks and general recommendations may not be suitable for your unique application needs. Moreover, the insights can be broad and lack specificity. It can tell you that a cost category is exceeding budget, but cannot specify which resource is exactly driving the cost high.

Thus, by choosing an alternative tool with more customization and integration options, organizations can achieve greater efficiency and enhance their cost management practices.

5 Alternatives for Trusted Advisor

Some of the better-performing alternatives for AWS Trusted Advisor are mentioned below. These cloud cost management and FinOps tools are designed specifically to monitor your cloud infrastructure and provide insights to improve your cloud performance.


Economize is a cloud cost management platform that provides granular visibility into your cloud infrastructure. It is a cloud-based application that easily integrates with your AWS and GCP resources. With its user-friendly interface and scalable solutions, Economize offers complete visibility and control over your cloud environment.

With a primary focus on cost optimization, Economize tracts every cloud asset and creates detailed data and reports that help you understand your cloud spend. It is a better alternative for AWS Trusted Advisor as it detects inefficiencies and also provides recommendations and proactive measures to maximize cloud efficiency. Moreover, Economize can provide you with customized alerts and reports catering to the needs of your organization. It also has a free tier that helps you to explore the platform.

Economize, AWS trusted advisor alternative, cloud cost management tool, cloud optimization tool


  • It generates comprehensive reports to track your cloud activity and helps in better decision-making.
  • Enables Real-time monitoring and tracking for anomaly detection and creates incidents that aids in root cause analysis.
  • Provides usage-based recommendations to maximize efficiency. This helps in detecting and eliminating unutilized resources.
  • It enables organizations to set budgets and provide forecasting tools to predict future costs based on historical data.
  • You can set up alerts and notifications based on key metrics such as resource utilization and performance issues.


IBM Turbonomic is an application designed to improve the cost-efficiency and performance of hybrid cloud environments. Turbonomic analyses real-time data on your application workload and cloud resources. While Trusted Advisor provides you with a checklist for best practices, Turbonomics helps you to make dynamic resource allocation, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization. It provides granular visibility into their cloud and on-premise infrastructure. It can integrate with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

IBM Turbonomic, AWS trusted advisor alternative, cloud cost management tool, cloud optimization tool
Source: IBM


  • It continuously monitors the performance of your application across various cloud environments.
  • It is equipped with AI-ML capabilities that analyze the workload and allocate the resources dynamically.
  • It has self-healing features that can automatically detect performance issues.
  • It can integrate with various cloud platforms and other IT management tools
  • It enables organizations to define policies based on their business objectives and performance objectives. These policies act as a guideline for resource allocation.


CloudHeath by VMware is a tool that offers cloud cost optimization, governance, and security features across multiple cloud environments. It is better than Trusted Advisor as it integrates with various other cloud providers. By aggregating data from various cloud providers, CloudHealth provides insights into resource utilization, cost expenditure, and performance and helps businesses in capacity planning and cost optimization. It has an intuitive interface and a centralized dashboard which facilitates easy tracking of resources. It offers unified visibility and cost control across public and private cloud environments.

CloudHealth, AWS trusted advisor alternative, cloud cost management tool, cloud optimization tool
Source: VMWare


  • It provides visibility into public and private cloud environments
  • It enables real-time tracking and cost analysis, provides recommendations, and detects areas of improvement.
  • It helps in optimizing your cloud performance by providing insights into your resource utilization and detecting underutilized resources.
  • It offers governance features to enforce compliance policy and security standards across various cloud environments.
  • It provides RESTful API for easy integration with existing tools and third-party platforms.


CloudCheckr is a suitable cloud management platform for large organizations handling complex multi-cloud environments. It is a better alternative to Trusted Advisor as it ensures security and regulatory compliance across multi-cloud environments by adhering to various regulatory standards. It acts as a centralized platform to monitor, manage, and govern your cloud resources. CloudCheckr provides automation facilities to streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency. It has an open API architecture that helps in integration and collaboration.

CloudCheckr, AWS trusted advisor alternative, cloud cost management tool, cloud optimization tool


  • CloudCheckr provides best practice recommendations and compliance checks that help organizations align their policies with industry standards.
  • It integrates with third-party tools and platforms with an open AI architecture that enable easy collaboration among new and existing tools.
  • It enables the automation of routine tasks and policy enforcement through custom rules and policies.
  • It provides detailed cost and spending reports and provide recommendations for cost savings.
  • It identifies security vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues and helps organizations adhere to various regulatory policies like HIPAA, GDPR, etc.


Cloudability from Apptio is a cloud financial management platform that provides insights into an organization’s cloud spending and usage patterns. It integrates with various cloud providers and provides detailed billing reports, cost-optimization recommendations, and budget-tracking features. It offers customizable policies, role-based access control, and automated alerts to support cloud governance.

Cloudability, AWS trusted advisor alternative, cloud cost management tool, cloud optimization tool
Source: Apptio


  • It provides real-time cost visibility across various cloud providers.
  • It allows users to allocate costs to different projects or teams by tagging
  • It provides cost optimization recommendations and includes suggestions for rightsizing resources and identifying unused resources
  • It provides customizable reports to analyze your cloud spend
  • It provides features such as role-based access control and encryption to ensure data security and privacy.


The above tools provide all the features of AWS Trusted Advisor and also serve as a one-stop solution for all your cloud management needs. As more and more businesses are moving towards cloud infrastructure, optimizing cloud efficiency has become crucial. Though Trusted Advisor is a valuable tool for optimizing cloud infrastructure, today organizations have several options to consider while looking to optimize their cloud resources.

Economize is one such platform that simplifies your cloud needs. To get an in-depth idea about the various features and advantages of the Economize platform book a free demo with our experts.

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