5+ Top Cloud Computing Courses for Beginners

Cloud computing – the future that has successfully made its mark in the present. Cloud computing is encompassing every field. Every business organization; big or small, uses cloud computing in one way or the other and plans to widen its usage in the long run. Organizations thus need cloud computing experts that can help them evolve into this technology.

Also, With the rise in automation and remote working, major changes are taking place in the working environment of organizations. This has already led to a rapid increase in the demand for the cloud. And these demands can’t be sufficed without cloud experts.

So if you’re thinking about a good job prospect in the IT world, considering cloud computing can be a good choice. And you can start this journey with an informative course that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Have a look at some of the best ones (that are free too)!

AWS Digital Training:

AWS is the foremost establishment of cloud computing and learning from them can do nothing but skyrocket your cloud computing skills. There are several courses to choose from, related to cloud computing along with easy-to-learn materials. This certification course is also updated regularly so you’re instilled with the latest knowledge and skills. AWS provides courses digitally or through classroom training.

So if you’re a beginner or someone who’s looking to enhance his cloud knowledge, this training and certification by AWS can be very effective to elevate your skills and make a career in cloud computing.

You can find courses like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Introduction to AWS Secrets Manager, Big Data Technology Fundamentals, and AWS Analytics Services Overview. With these courses, you can land a good internship by understanding and practicing the concepts on your own.

Introduction to cloud – The Linux Foundation :

If you’re looking to learn cloud computing from scratch, the Linux foundation’s introductory course called ‘Introduction to cloud’ can be a great option. This course teaches a beginner all about building and managing cloud infrastructure, all for free. The course is free of cost but if you want a certificate you need to pay an amount of $200 for it.

You’ll find the best instructors who know their subject with knowledge and experience. Thus you’ll get an inside of not only the theoretical aspect but also the practical functions of the cloud.

With this course, you’ll learn the basics and characteristics of various cloud technologies. Along with that, this course teaches about modern solutions of cloud technology for businesses. Thus mastering this course can be a great start to a cloud computing career.

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Udemy :

Udemy usually charges a nominal amount of fees for some courses, however ‘Introduction to Cloud Computing’ is completely free.

The course is for a very short duration but it makes sure to cover the fundamental elements of cloud that a beginner needs to know. The concepts of Service models, Essential characteristics, and Deployment models are explained easily in three different modules. This is the perfect online course for Developers, Architects, Operational, Managers, and CIOs looking to broaden their cloud knowledge.

Again, the course doesn’t require you to pay anything, however, the certificate of completion is charged.

Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts – LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn learning is actually paid with a one-month free trial. And you can use this one-month free trial to check out David Linthicum’s courses about cloud technology. With a range of 26 courses, David provides strong credibility in the usage of his course, especially for beginners. Along with that – Learning cloud computing: core concepts and AWS Essential Training for Architects gives a solid foundation for cloud technology to anyone without prior knowledge. These courses provide an overview of cloud computing with its key concepts along with the tools that are necessary to keep a cloud-based infrastructure on its wheels.

Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101) – Coursera:

Coursera is an excellent platform to learn new skills. It always has something for the ones who want to learn and make a career in cloud computing, all for free. Cloud Computing Basics (101) is an introductory course by Coursera that gives a deep insight specifically about Microsoft Azure cloud services. The course highlights various cloud aspects like storage services, Cloud economics, and levels of managed infrastructure. Apart from that different deployment models of Cloud computing and several hosting scenarios are also included. The course also talks about different cloud platforms and the future trends of cloud computing.

It’s a 9-hour online course that is free of cost and is instructed by a well-known trainer and technology partitioner named Jim Sullivan.

Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch for Beginners – Eduonix Learning Solutions:

This introductory course is among the best ones, not just because it provides knowledge from the scratch but because it teaches various aspects of the cloud that many courses miss out on. With several modules, this course gives an insight into service models (SAAS) and Linux/ Cloud operating systems. Along with that, it gives you an idea of the real cloud platform services like AWS and Google cloud. The importance of visualization architecture is highlighted with practical examples.

9 lectures are free of cost,  that cover the basics of cloud technology. After this course, you’ll have a solid foundation about the working of cloud infrastructure and which aspect of cloud you want to specialize in.

Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners by Simplilearn – Youtube:

When it comes to learning full-fledged courses, people usually don’t appreciate YouTube enough. With a little in-depth research, you can find some amazing stuff on YouTube that can instill productive skills in an individual. Simplilearn’s cloud computing course is easily accessible and completely free while covering all-important fundamentals of cloud technology. The course is extremely detailed with a duration of 7 hours and introduces us to various cloud computing platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud; their differences and overview combined.

Not just that, it will also give you an idea of questions that can be asked in a cloud computing job interview. This course can also be attend from skillup, Simplilearn’s own platform .


While many people assume free courses to be less efficient, there are some free courses that can successfully provide a solid foundation for a professional cloud computing career. And while there are many available resources, choosing a relevant one can be a task. Thankfully, the ones listed above can be a good start to your learning journey.