What is AWS Amplify? Advantages and Features Explained

What is AWS Amplify?

Initially AWS amplify was launched by Amazon in 2017 for the sole purpose of developing full-featured, full-stack web and mobile apps faster and in an easier way. With AWS Amplify developers can easily create apps along with building code libraries, ready-to-use components, and a built-in CLI in a way like never before. It offers a set of tools and features that enables developers to build full-stack applications on AWS swiftly.

Why Should I use Amplify?

AWS amplify isn’t limited to one service or one feature, it includes a wide variety of components that makes building apps not just easier but even faster. With open source libraries, drag-and-drop UI components along with a built in CLI, developers can build their backend along with apps. Other important AWS components include:


AWS  Amplify assists content storage and management, like photos and videos, on your device or the cloud with three types of storage buckets. These include public buckets, protected buckets and private buckets.


AWS Amplify makes it possible to auto-track user sessions and also web page metrics for analytics. After analysing the data, developers can strongly build marketing strategies that can upgrade customer adoption, engagement and also retention rates.

Push Notifications

AWS Amplify successfully engages more customers and it also helps in easier communication with your users through a number of channels like texts, email and push notifications.


With AWS Amplify it is possible to make onboarding flows that have a completely managed user directory. Pre-built sign-up, sign-in, forgot password as well as multi-factor authorization workflows can be made with AWS Amplify.

Machine Learning and AI

AWS Amplify is powered by Amazon Machine learning services like Amazon SageMaker. Developers have the facility to create use cases like text translation, speech generation from text, interpretation, transcribing of text along with simplified versions of advanced use cases like uploading images for automatic training etc.

Pub Sub

AWS amplify’s PubSub is used to pass messages between various app instances and app’s backend on real time with ease.

How does AWS Amplify work?

AWS amplify can be considered similar to a Java-script library that allows building and deploying serverless applications in the cloud. It is a feature-rich application platform thereby combining both client-side and server-side codes. AWS Amplify has three major elements.

  • Library
  • UI
  • CLI Toolchain


The AWS amplify’s library makes it easy to add, integrate and interact with AWS cloud services. Along with that, adding secure authentication, file and data storage, severless APIs, analytics, push notifications, AR/VR and many other features can be easily added to apps using AWS amplify.


The UI elements of AWS amplify is pre-built and created for cloud work-flows for applications and also includes authentication higher-order component

CLI Toolchain

CLI Toolchain is useful in scaling your applications. Whenever more cloud services or features are needed they are easily and effectively added to the AWS – managed backends.


AWS is ever growing and Amazon still continues to develop and upgrade AWS to make it more user friendly and more useful. AWS Amplify was developed for just that. With easy and effective app creation AWS amplify offers a wide range of services that can become a life saver for developers. While there are many important components of AWS Amplify like data storage, modern analytics and an interactive approach, thus saving time and effort for developers.